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Stupid jokes

Collection of maybe the funnies Stupid jokes in internet.


‘May I ask the cause of all this excitement?’ asked the stranger in the little village.
‘Certainly.’ replied the countryman. ‘We’re celebrating the birthday of the oldest inhabitant sir. She’s a hundred and one today.’
‘Indeed! And may I ask who is that little man. with the dreadfully sad countenance. walking by the old lady’s side?’
‘Oh. that’s the old lady’s son-in-law. sir. He’s been keeping up the payments on her life-insurance for the last thirty years!’

I was walking around town

I was walking around town the other day when I saw these two jerk-offs wearing matching outfits, I mean, down to the belt same outfits, so I yelled to over to them “Hey faggots did you plan that?”

Anyways, they arrested me.